Make money just by owning property

The best way to make money in life is just to own things, and for that ownership to provide you with automatic income.

Sell your home in concord

Turn your house into cash-flow quick!

Most landlords miss the point of this.  They try to manage their property themselves, and it ends up consuming quite a bit of their time and energy on focusing down onto how to best manage a particular tenant or property.  This blinds people who already have a significant build-up of assets from other money-making opportunities, and it also adds stress to the lifestyles of people who probably would rather just have automatic income anyway.


The solution to this is the property management industry.  Property managers dedicate their full-time job to doing all the things you normally would have to do as a landlord.  Handling bills, evicting tenants, finding new tenants, maintaining the property, and best of all taking on the full legal responsibility of the property.  That’s a big one that most land-lords don’t understand.  You could be sued.


Right now, there’s a saying among attorneys.  That saying is “Mould is gold.”  — you know that that means?  It means there are attorneys who are itching for tenants to sue you over mould that could or could not be in your house.  And there’s a whole legal niche for people who handle this– whether you like it or not, and whether there’s actually mould or not.  You can be sued on a whim if a tenant just merely gets a bright idea and doesn’t like you very much.  It could happen at any time, and it’s only one of many ways that the land-lord is completely liable for the misuse of their own property.


This is why property managers are so valuable– yes, on the surface it looks like they’re just taking a good chunk of your rent-income– but so what?  The property is still profitable; therefore it is still an asset to you.  And most importantly of all, it’s not a liability– or at least not as much of one.  It’s less headaches for you, who can now move on to finding new opportunities or just more time to enjoy your life (hopefully retired), and it virtually eliminates the chances of you getting your retirement sued away by a greedy prosecution lawyer.


So what are you waiting for?  If you’ve got property and headaches, why not just turn it into a pure and simple asset?

Risks of being a land-lord

Being a land-lord is both a great privilege and a burdensome responsibility.  There are many things that can go wrong when dealing with people.  You are liable for many of the actions that your tenants can commit themselves.  For instance, did you know that in some states if you let a person rent a home from you who turns out to sell drugs; you could be charged with distribution?

Risks of being a landlord

Being a landlord isn’t all peaches and cream though

There’s a whole industry centred around protecting you, the land-lord, from the liabilities that come with having people live in your houses.  From lack of payment to robberies or to potentially-incriminating safety regulations, there are tons of liabilities that can enter your financial life as a land-lord.


Not to mention the fact that property management by itself is almost a full-time job. Chances are, if you’ve acquired these real-estate assets, you probably don’t have the time to deal with the constant headaches of water-heaters going bad, of leaky ceilings, or tenants who have gross misconduct or dangerous behaviour.  You can even have squatters take up residence in your property without even paying you, and then they become liabilities to you.  That’s right.  If someone virtually trespasses on your land and gets hurt or is involved in elicit activity, you can be held accountable!

In fact there are many laws in many states protecting tenants or even squatters from actions taken by land-lords to protect their property from these miscreants!  Eviction is a heck of a thing when it comes down to it!


These are all reasons why you need a professional property manager.  If you own land; you want that property to be an asset to you– not a headache.  Hire a property manager, and you will still gain income from owning your property, but the headaches and liabilities will be transferred to someone whose full-time job it is to manage these kinds of things, like evictions.


Save yourself some headaches and do the reasonable thing.  Get a property manager; you won’t be sorry you did!



Want to sell your house fast?

Sometimes when life throws you a curve or you lose your job or have a baby or some other type of life-event, your home becomes a house– an asset you have to sell.


Building credit helps you get a mortgage

Typically these kinds of situations come on quick and you need to turn your four walls into green paper quick!

That’s where we come in to help. We are realestate-investors who evaluate home-properties for sale on an as-is basis. There is no need for you to clean or paint or re-carpet your home. This saves you tons of expenses! If you contact us with the need to sell your home, we will evaluate it for acquisition and determine whether we want to buy your home or not.

We will handle all paperwork, and there are no additional Realtor fees or anything of that nature when we buy a home. We do buy at a substantial discount that you may be willing to pay depending on how quickly you need to sell your house. We close very quickly and are a full-time operating business, so we do not beat around the bush or raise gimmicks.

If you want to sell your house fast in any area, contact us and we’ll see what we can do to buy your house for the best price for both of us and at the least amount of hassle.

Selling your house fast

The basic way of selling your house quickly is usually just to lower the price; however… this… well… lowers the price. And you as the seller don’t want that. So you’re going to have to find ways to add perceived value to your home to make it more attractive to buyers so that they’re going to be more likely to select your home as the home they’re willing to take out a mortgage to live in!

Curb Appeal

First impressions matter, and curb appeal is your house's first impression

First impressions matter, and curb appeal is your house’s first impression

First impressions are important. They’re really important when hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. As is the case for most houses sold in Concord.

Think of the aesthetics of actually walking into your home for the first time– to you, you’ve done it a million times, so you don’t even think about it. But a potential home buyer will be doing it for the first time, so their mind is going to be taking in all kinds of tiny details. Just having patchy grass or non new-looking grout on your front steps can make a big difference. So you’re going to want to make the darn thing look like Disney Land leading up to the door.

You do that, and people will already have a great impression before they even walk in the door!

Clutter! Get rid of clutter!

Some people live– okay, well… most people live in a state where there’s a considerable amount of ‘stuff’ laying around. ‘Stuff’… is…. unattractive. To the person who’s been living with it; it’s familiar– quaint, even.

But it has this effect of kind of…. asserting your territory. It’s okay to visit a friend’s house when they have a lot of stuff laying around; that might even make the visit to said friend’s house less stressful to some people. But that’s the thing. It’s their house. You want someone to walk into your house and immediately envy the place. Clutter is an eye-sore. Nobody can or wants to picture themselves having someone else’s clutter. People want to project their feelings and emotions onto empty spaces. Blank canvases– if you will.

Furniture is fine. Keep it clean and keep animals out of the house. These are important, but keeping clutter to a bare minimum (hopefully zero) is the most important part of selling a home. The house might not sell at ALL if it has clutter in it! Or it might sell for THOUSANDS of dollars less than it normally would have.

Stand out with different features

Selling your house fast in concord requires your house to stand out; there’s quite a few on the market here.
Neighborhoods typically have one or two houses for sale at all times. You’re going to have to differentiate yourself from these homes if you want your house to sell quickly– otherwise it could be months or maybe even years with your house on the market, being a liability to you rather than a liquidated asset.

Stand-out features include things like gardens, landscaping, featured add-ons to your home, improvements over others such as granite counter-tops or specially-tinted windows, or even a new roof! (a typical roof will have to be replaced every two decades or so, and they’re a minimum of $10,000 every time you replace them; showing that that huge cost is far, far away is a good value to the potential buyers.)

Show that you’re willing to haggle and make a good deal

Haggling is an art. Unfortunately it’s an art that very few of us ever have any practice with. Go to a pawn shop and haggle for some things to get a good experience of how squishy or not-squishy people are when it comes to adjusting their price-perception of a particular good. This will give you some perspective on how people negotiate over price, and be willing to do that in a polite but still active manner.

You can go even further with this when selling your house though. You can add credit to the closing costs– which some buyers look for. It’s essentially the same thing as lowering your price, but the art of it is alleviating some perception they have of another cost. And that makes you a more valued transactor than most others. The deal matters.

Right pricing

This is somewhat related to– while distinct from– the other aspect of haggling. You’ve got to have your entry price right. Period. Know what similar houses in your area are actually selling for, and adjust your price as you see fit– but don’t get too crazy with it.

Pricing, like haggling, is much more an art than a science. Though it does have rather firm ‘guidelines’– it is a really important part of selling your house, for obvious reasons.

Get your house in the right condition to sell

Most houses have little scrapes along the walls in well-trafficked areas, and it seems like every appliance has some little quirk to it that makes it roughly operable. This… ‘homelyness’ doesn’t really apply very well to prospective homeowners. You’re going to have to repaint over the little dings in the walls that have inevitably accumulated. If you’ve had pets; you’ll need to replace the carpet.

It might be worth your time to update the home appliances as well, if you think the increase in asking price can justify new equipment.


All of these things culminate as factors in regards to how to get your house ready for a successful closing sale. But it’s just that– how to get things ready for your sale. The sale itself is an entirely different story, and honestly it’s much better just to have a Realtor handle your house’s sale. Or, if you don’t want to pay the charges of a Realtor, you can also use some of the handy online resources to assist you in selling your house fast.

Sell your house fast

Today’s housing market has its ups and downs– everyone has known that since 2008. Luckily, there’s some due skepticism towards the “get rich quick off of real-estate” claims that used to be ever so prevalent. This is a good thing, because you don’t want to be selling into a market that could potentially be a bubble. The fastest and safest way to list and close your home on the housing market is the good honest buyer-to-homeowner relationship.

Sell your home in concord

Turn your house into cash quick!

The trick to selling your house fast is to set specific goals for yourself. Your goal as a seller is to want your home to attract people for one of two purposes. Firstly, you want people to buy your home with the intention of living in it. That’s the most honest and clear way to sell your home quickly for a decent price. Secondly, you can also sell your home for a price so low that a real-estate investor will buy your home in hopes of turning a profit. This is liquidating your home and the land that it sits on to one of said investors, and it’s an even quicker way to close on your home.

The first trick is to make sure that you list everywhere that’s possibly available. List in the local paper, list on craigslist, on social media– let EVERYONE know that there’s a home for sale. Include tons of pictures. Invite scheduling for prospects to come out and see your house. Or you could hire a realtor or other service-professional that has access to thousands or millions of potential home-buying prospects. The more potential prospects you have available to you, the easier and more plausible it will be to sell your house fast.  It can take a while to sell your house– especially if you are going to attempt to do this by yourself and with your own energy; so be aware of the tricks that can save you a considerable amount of time waiting around in the market.

The easiest route– and often the most profitable route– is to go with a professional service. Professionals specialize in this field, and both buyers and sellers often come to professional services first to enter the market. This is just a more efficient way of selling your home– or buying a home.

The reason why this is more efficient is because these professional services have access to many times more prospects than an individual homeowner seller or buyer would have. And they’ve also been working in this specialized field for many years or even decades. It’s much easier to just let a professional handle it for a small commission fee– the fee that they charge will often pay for itself immediately because they’re likely to get a better price for your house than buy-owners would. If not immediately, then certainly the hassle that a professional service would save you will do more than make up for the costs associated with that.

Selling your house fast in areas like concord can be very gruelingly difficult and hectic if you do it yourself, or it can be very quick and easy if you hire a professional or use a special website to sell your house fast.

How to get mortgages the easy way.

Home-credit is not quite as easy to acquire in 2014 as it was pre-2008. Lenders must exercise more scrutiny over borrowers now, as regulated by the United States Government. Florida was an area hit particularly hard with this reality; so know how to make yourself attractive to the lenders here in the Sunshine State.


Building credit helps you get a mortgage

Make sure your credit is excellent

Most banks are firstly going to look at your credit report, and determine your ability to firstly even pay off a mortgage, should you choose to go that route with a bank. Your credit is tied in with many other aspects of your life anyway, so if you are planning to buy a home in the future, make sure you build flawless or near-flawless credit now. It is going to be the first-most important factor in determining whether you can have access to a mortgage in the future.

Be Honest

At this stage the bank is evaluating you for your on-paper credibility, but also your personal trustworthyness. Remember there is a flesh-and-blood agent behind these credit applications, and they will be able to raise an eyebrow at something that looks suspiciously fudged.

It’s best just to go with telling the honest truth about your current and passed income as well as your net assets. Make sure you also list ALL your net assets, including your retirement funds– even if you’re not going to be using those funds in the purchase of the home. The banks are going to be looking at how much you’re worth. So be honest about that.

Make as big of a down payment as possible

This will curb the overall money you pay in interest for your mortgage-- which is something for you to consider very closely. Also the more you can put into the down payment, the more likely it is that the lenders will actually execute the loan. Remember, lenders these days are much more risk-adverse than they were before 2008. So keep that in mind, and be as conservative as a risk for them as possible.

Consider special programs

Keep in mind that there’s a special type of loan for just about everybody out there. The government just regularly does these kinds of things. Veteran loans and FHA-backed loans are pretty common options for people in general when seeking a loan.

Interest rates are important; but they are not everything.

Look into the whole deal; not just the interest rate. Calculate what you can afford to pay into each month securely, and how much leeway you need in order to operate as a homeowner. A good deal is a clear deal with no surprises. You’re going to have to comb through all the fine print and consider payment plans and payment means, as well as your income-to-debt ratio, and of course how long it will take you to pay off your loan.

Keep your comfort in mind– this is going to be a very long debt to pay off. You probably could afford to pay off your mortgage relatively fast; but should you? Would you live more comfortably with lower monthly payments? How much is that worth to you as a person?

Don’t be scared of the appraisal

Appraisal can come as a surprise for some people. That… is not a very good thing to hear. You should know your market, and know the approximation of how much your house is worth. Keep in mind that different firms will appraise your house at different values. Understand how all of this works and how it ties into the debts you may have to pay off for a very long time.

Consider mortgage insurance

Mortgages can be paid off over a long time– and in most scenarios, if you default, the bank will own your house. If you are the main bread-winner in your family, consider protecting your family by taking out mortgage insurance. It’s important that you consider all options; no matter how grim or somber they may seem.

Understand all your options, and if you’re more aware when you go into a bank-executed loan, you’re much more able to get yourself a better deal and perhaps save yourself years of paying off debt!

My Home Mortgage

Getting a loan to buy a house can be a big decision to make. This piece of debt will be gradually paid into over the course of most of your adult lifetime. Many things matter about this– primarily interest rates on this critical loan, though other things matter still more– like whether you can actually afford the principle payment at all.

how to get a mortgage

This is what home-ownership can look like

Getting a loan

Getting a loan in Florida can be something of an ordeal post 2008. You may qualify for many different types of homeowner’s loans, depending on your area and what may be available. Generally though, there may be a quantity of available government programs for loans going out to veterans and other special groups that you could easily qualify for.

You’ll have to check around at your local bank and other establishments for specialty-purpose loans that you could qualify for in order to get a good loan in Florida.  For instance there are really good tools to help veterans become homeowners. You can also do this online.

Interest rates

The interest rate is the primary area of concern; it’s basically like paying rent for the money that you still owe. And it will greatly benefit you to pay off as much of the principle as you can initially on these kinds of mortgages.

These are high-volume loans (from a consumer stand-point) so generally you can shop around for the lowest interest rate. There are resources available for you to do just that.


Mortgages are important pieces of debt that you take out usually to buy a house– and you usually use your house as collateral for this loan. So if you fail to pay it off and you default; the loaning entity (usually the bank) will own your home once the grace period (if any) has expired.

This is why you should look into FHA backed loans, if they’re available to you.

Buying a home is tricky; financing a home is even more complicated. Make sure you stay in the know.

We buy houses as-is

We buy houses as-is in LA. The Los Angeles housing market is tough and hectic for homeowners; that’s why we take care of your home-selling needs by just buying your house as-is.  Don’t even open yourself to the possibility of making a major mistake!

What we do is simple. We buy your LA house as it is, and you will not have to paint or scrub or clean or re-carpet anything. You contact us and we will evaluate your home for you. If you like the offer we can give you, you may accept. If you do not, you are under no obligation to accept.  Turn your house into cash!


Want to sell your house fast?

As soon as you do, we will close very quickly on the home, and the headache of a house will be off your shoulders in a very short amount of time, and cash will be in your hand. We’re one of the quickest ways to liquidate real estate assets in Los Angeles.

We buy at any price range and can consider offers in any area, though we primarily focus on the LA region.  Don’t get caught in bankruptcy or other financial mishaps!  If you need to sell your house fast then turn those hard assets into cash to pay for your problems immediately!

Are we in another housing bubble?

It could be that we are in fact in yet another housing bubble. Think about it; the 2008 financial crisis happened in relation to the housing bubble as the Baby-Boomers exited the market, and now that the millennials are entering the housing market, what can we expect to happen?

Housing bubble now

Could we be in another one?

More demand. Rising housing prices is what we can expect when millions of new adults go house-shopping. It may already be happening as the millennials displace homeowners already. The price of nearly everything is going up– is it time to buy for investment, or sell to exit the market?

Well, that depends– do you think the market-value of housing is going to rise steadily, or do you think this added demand will feed a bubble that will burst and leave housing prices on the floor as we saw in 2008?

The economy is a scary and hard to understand mechanism; very bright people have devoted their professions to figuring it out and thus far they have been in vein. We have seen some very suspicious market trends recently. Remember when everyone was buying tangible liquid assets like gold or silver? What about those people calling themselves ‘preppers‘? What’s going to happen in the next ten to twenty years? Is it the right time to buy a house and invest in the stability of society, or is it time to get out and put your assets in some other far-away place that won’t be touched by market turbulence?

The answer to that might depend on who you are; and it definitely depends on your opinion of the housing market today. If you are looking to sell your house fast in LA or Florida, there are resources to help you achieve selling your house as-is right now. If you are looking to stay in the housing market, then there’s always that option. If you just don’t know and aren’t in a financially uncomfortable position, maybe you should start saving up for the off-chance that something really strange does happen in the market.

It’s good to have liquidable assets. Right now homes can easily be liquidated– but will they be so easy to sell in the near future?

How to qualify for an FHA Backed loan

What is a FHA backed loan anyway?
An FHA backed loan is a loan backed by the Federal Housing Authority.  It’s what makes it possible for millions of Americans today to afford their homes. The FHA insures mortgages for homebuyers who have had bad credit in the past or may have fairly limited resources financially.  You can probably qualify for some FHA backing, and if you receive this kind of insurance, you will be more attractive to lenders who will finance your home.
So look into the requirements for the FHA backed loan.

FHA loans

This can make or break whether you get your house financed or not!

1:  Get your credit right.

Your credit score should be something you have been building on for the last many many years to begin with.  But it is even more important when you are trying to take out a very big loan to pay for a house.  Make sure that your credit is very good– if not flawless.  Never miss payments if possible.  If you’ve missed more than one credit payment by a time-frame of more than 30 days, then odds are you probably won’t be able to get a homeowner’s loan from an FHA backed lender.

2:  Be patient
Many people do not have perfect credit.  While this is tolerable, it does mean that you’re going to have to wait quite a bit of time if you have a spot on your financial history such as a bankruptcy.

3:  Have your regular income stated and verified.  What banks are primarily looking for is just the stability and steadiness of your income over the long term.  This will make it easy for you to calculate your living expenses and expect income on a regular basis– which you will spend paying off their loan and interest, hopefully!

4:  Don’t buy beyond your means.  A creditor is going to look at your overall price-range that you can afford and your net assets and net worth in order to deem whether or not you are a safe risk for them to take on when they entrust you with the principle of thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

5:  Have an GHA application packet.  You can get these online from or FHA -approved lenders.  Fill out an application and send it in to the FHA along with all the necessary information.


Geting an FHA backed loan is going to be a big make or break point for whether you can get your house financed or not.  So be weary of what you can do to help this process along!